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Qualifications and Yoga Etiquette



- 500Hr Teacher Training course, 2 years with AOCY, London, UK
- 40Hr Ashtanga yoga adustments workshop with David Swenson, London, UK
- 30Hr Intensive yoga adjustments workshop with Duncan Wong, London, UK
- 4 Day Jivamukti Immersion workshop with Yogeswari and Gabriela Bozic, London, UK
- Jivamukti retreats with Stewart Gilchrest, Goa, India
- Retreat with Elena Voyce and Duncan Wong, Umbria, Italy
- Workshops with Richard Freeman, Danny Paradise, Dina Kingsberg, Matthew Sweeney


The spirit of yoga embraces the qualities of compassion, awareness and respect.  One's self-awareness leads to mindfulness and to the respect for the space and people around you.

As part of yoga class etiquette, please:

- Switch off your mobile phone during the class
- Take off your shoes after entering
- Refrain from wearing strong fragrances
- Keep conversations at a low volume allowing others to come to a place of quietude

Before the practice:

- Please arrive a few minutes before the lcass begins and take some time to stretch or use the time to find a moment of quietness
- It is advisable not to eat straight before the class. Ideally your last meal should be taken at least two hours before you begin your practice
- Tell your teacher about any injuries or special health conditions you have

What to wear:

- Yoga practice is done barefoot.  Removing your socks wil stop you from slipping on the mat and allow you to keep a more grounded footing
- Wear something light and comfortable so you are not restricted and can move with ease.
- As you will sweat during the practice, bring a jumper, top or blanket to use during the final relaxation to ensure that you stay warm and comfortable.

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