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About Yoga


Yoga - its Purpose and Benefits:

Yoga is an ancient science and practice, originating in India that promotes physical, mental and spiritual development.

Through the various practices of yoga, we are able to realize the eternal spirit which connects and flows through us all.  The nature of yoga is experienced in the doing of the practice itself.  In essence it is an inner journey to the true centre of the soul which is the source of true happiness.

Yoga as a practice increases physical and mental health and well-being which enables the practitioner to develop increased self-knowledge and awareness, while also creating and enjoying a radiant, healthy body and a clear mind.

Yoga is and remains non-competitive.

The physical benefits of yoga include:
- Increased suppleness of the spine and joints
- A strengthening, toning and building of muscles
- The elimination of toxins
- Relaxation of the nervous system
- Increased body awareness and
- Weight reduction

Mental benefits of yoga include:
- A calming and steadying of the mind
- An increased ability to centre attention and sharpen concentration
- A freeing of the spirit

Yoga results in a contented body and mind.

'There is nowhere to go. You are already there.' – Indian Proverb

Yoga As Life